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Stop for the one

We are Iris Glastonbury

We want to announce with joy, that a new Iris location has begun in England. 

Yes, we are Iris Glastonbury. 

We have been called by God to go to the dark places and bring people back to the light

Our Values

We Stop for the One.


We value community and family. The kingdom of God is all about relationship.

We intentionally spend time to form a healthy culture of community where we love each other.


Discipleship has a high priority in our activities. Together we challenge and encourage each other to grow in Jesus and grow in the dreams God has for each member of our community individually and collectively.

His Presence

We understand that we can find God, and can experience intimacy, communication and companionship with Him in His presence.


We are totally dependent on God for everything we need and expect miracles of all kinds to sustain us and confirm the Gospel in our ministry.


We look for revival among the broken, humble and lowly.

Love never fails


Every Saturday we have an outreach starting at 11am here in Glastonbury. We are a community of believers who live to serve the dream of God in Glastonbury.

We have seen many physical miracles, salvations and a few baptism. We believe God's heart is for each person to be connected to Him. We are empowered to pursue this reality through Christ’s unconditional love for us and our love for one another.

We pursue transformation in individuals and communities by demonstrating the love of Jesus through meeting practical needs, healing the sick, bringing deliverance, and preaching the message of Salvation through faith in Jesus.


Glastonbury has different religions, with tarot cards, psychics, a satan library and many other things of the new age. It is very normal there for people to openly tell you that they are a witch.

It's not complicated. Just

love the one in front of you.

Dates for your diary.


We run mission schools and a conference through out the year, stay tuned for more...

Next year: 2025

Mission Trip '25

Get ready because next year there will be more mission trips. Dates will only be made available next year, please wait.

Dates: 14th and 15th of June

Cost: Donation

Prayer Conference

History belongs to the intercessors who pray things into being. All great revivals have had a prayer movement fueling them. Crying out to God to do something new in our nation and to bring transformation to our people. 

Dates: 5th and 6th of July

Cost: Donation

Ignite Conference

An experience that will change your life. 

Learn your God given gifts to bring heaven down. incredible speakers from many different countries and we will learn how to change spiritual atmospheres to revival through worship.

Help Other People

Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade.

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Help us build the kingdom of God in Glastonbury and the UK. Be part of this mission, sharing the gospel and stopping for the one with us.

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Our Team

Learn who we are.

Here is our ever expanding team.

Elieudo Santos

Location lead

Daniella Santos

Location lead

Jason Banks


Beth Banks


Emma west




See the stories so far...


Dimitri, a Romanian, attended the same college as Eli. He shared the message of Jesus with his fellow students and five of them, including Dimitri, decided to surrender their lives to Jesus. Over two years, Dimitri's faith in Jesus grew and he desired to publicly declare his commitment through baptism. He approached Eli, his mentor, who agreed to facilitate the baptism. Surrounded by loved ones, Dimitri was baptized, symbolizing his new life in Christ. This act of obedience strengthened Dimitri's faith and inspired others to seek Jesus.


Chris, a young man involved in the occult and witchcraft, lived in Glastonbury under a tree in a tent in England's cold weather. One day, while waiting in line for food at a local church, Eli encountered Chris. Chris decided to give his life to Jesus and, despite the freezing temperatures, he chose to be baptized in a river after a week. This baptism transformed Chris, restoring his life and reuniting him with his family.


Ben's transformation started when he gave his broken heart to Jesus. He immersed himself in God's Word and prayer, finding renewed purpose and hope. He sought forgiveness from those he had hurt, building healing relationships. Ben joined a welcoming church community, leading worship and using his musical talents to glorify God. Through their ministry, Ben and his wife saw lives changed and hearts healed. Ben's baptism symbolized his commitment to follow Jesus and brought a renewed sense of purpose. They continue to serve in their church, sharing the transformative power of Jesus' love.


Ollie, a homeless person struggling with addiction, was helped by Daniellas and Eli. They listened to his struggles and shared stories of hope. Ollie expressed interest in learning about Jesus and finding redemption. They connected him with Chris and his shared the message of Jesus' love and hope, leading Ollie to accept Jesus and commit to recovery. Ollie chose to be baptized as a symbol of his faith. With support from Daniellas, Eli, and the church community, Ollie accessed resources for recovery and rebuilt his life.


Barbur, a man from Romania, chose to worship Jesus during a worship moment in the main square of Glastonbury. He expressed his regret for all the wrong things he had done and wished to be baptized. After his baptism, he experienced a significant change in his life.


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Eli & Dani

Starting a church

in a town steeped in witchcraft.

We have always been concerned about people we led to Jesus that they would have a spiritual home...



Eli & Dani

Homeless and then the greatest financial miracle of our lives.

Post covid financial crisis in England and the Ukrainian war,

we couldn’t afford to rent...



Eli & Dani

Iris Glastonbury. Baptism in the river -2 degrees celsius.

few years too late but we thought we would start sharing about our adventures here in Glastonbury...



Eli & Dani

Outreach team from Sheffield

We received another team that came from Sheffield to be with us for 3 days and during this period we did outreach in Glastonbury...

Let’s make a difference in the lives of others

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